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With customers create both parties win is FURNIMATE – company guiding principles.

FURNIMATE – in FJ equipment field, the specialty than your imagine.



Production type -

using horizontal and vertical automatic finger jointing systems in factory,  powerful in production and processing. SAT series is a professional  finger jointing systems which could greatly increase the yield per unit area and the output per worker.



FURNIMATE work for wooden construction market for many years. In 2023, the UCT series dedicated to GLT has been developed. UCT-S need a smaller space and work nimbly. there is inverter output control, exactly power calcuation and air consumption statistics, saves every bit of earth resources for human.



Horizontal type -

dedicated to a large number of horizontal type finger-joining machine system. Including automatic feeding system and continuous glue supply system, and using of special large chain whaich increase in stability and life of machinery.

FURNIMATE MACHINERY COMPANY  - professional wood finger joint system

FURNIMATE - professional wood finger joint system have higher cost-effective, excellence performance and flexible upgrade module is your best choice.
FJ machine in a flexible modular design can be configured to your individual demands. Initial purchase the standard FJ machine, it can also be added in the future to buy a modular suite of performance upgrades equipment. Let you invest in Finger jointing lines, do not waste additional funding.
We are long-term understanding of the different types of customer needs in FJ machine market. Design a variety of styles with a finger joint production module. FJ machine mode from - MINI mini type / EAT standard hydraulic type / IAT inverter capacity type / NAT servo speed type / HH&HS Special type of building materials / FAH horizontal special type and professional finger-joint stock preparation plant for the SAT servo speed quantity production model.
A variety of options you can also through - Inquiry Form - backfill to us.

We will recommend the best equipment
So that customers can buy the most suitable equipments in the FJ production line. So that bring into play a biggest factory investment retunes.


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P.O.BOX: 375 Fengyuan, Taiwan.


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