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FURNIMATE founded in 1981, early company called CHANG YI Machinery. Until 1987, it was renamed as FURNIMATE WOOD WORKING MACHINERY CO., LTD. It has been focused on the development of small and medium wood working equipment manufacturing, 1993 investment professional production of finger joint machine market, Uphold in-depth understanding of customer demands, technical innovation, production capacity increases and quality first idea.

2007 “FURNIMATE” takes a lead to do traditional woodworking machinery manufacturing which is import metalworking machine mode as high accuracy and data of the concept, invest lot of human and financial resources to do to improve. It makes FJ machine equipment overall performance dramatically.  After 6-year long-term test improve research with customers, production speed has greatly improved than traditional FJ equipment, leading Asian finger-machine market. In the future; FURNIMATE will continue in the finger markets limit the field, for (speed, quality, performance, functionality, convenience) constantly enhancement and upgrade, with the highest quality and service, to solve each customer's troubles.



In 2023, the UCT series dedicated to GLT has been developed. UCT-S need a smaller space and work nimbly. there is inverter output control, exactly power calcuation and air consumption statistics, saves every bit of earth resources for us.


Invest solar power for ESG issue, to make FURNIMATE produce greenly and eco-friendly.


2021, FURNIMATE upgrade the Horizontal finger joint system.
Horizontal finger joint system, FAH series, was disgned at 2012 to run 90/120pcs/min and upgraded the capacity to max speed 180pcs this year. Furnimate optimize the system which make our finger joint stable more.


In 2019, Processing Department purchased High Speed Bridge Type Machining Center and 3 sets of CNC milling machine for different size, make the self-made rate up to 70%.


In 2017, FURNIMATE purchased 5 Face Plano Milling Machine and Special-long CNC Machining Center, Milling Machining Department was founded. Base on high-precision and stability processing mode, the assembly quality and stability of machine is raising up. In the same time, our producing is more efficiency.


In 2018, FURNIMATE researched and enveloped the finger joint system for super heavy material. Also breaks into the super heavy timber and CLT constructive market.  


In 2016, FURNIMATE founded Welding Department. We choose to weld by ourselves instead of outsourcing. Therefore we can not only control the quality of welding precisely, but invest in the machine on strength and weight from the saving cost of outsourcing, raising up the stability.


2015 modular series planning production is complete. Result in all of the current series of products. And in the standardized production process relatively substantial increase mechanical defect-free rate, as well as stability, also established a high-speed finger-joint machine system in Asia's position.


​SAT sales in three years extend a lot of different styles, resulting in there are too many models on the production line and problems come one after another, material preparation in stock / Quality Inspection / Assembly test …etc. many more related issues continue.... So in 2013 start machine modular integration plan, integrated all models into a single system.


In 2010 officially launched the first generation of SAT-super high-speed finger-joint machine.


FURNIMATE in 2005, Investment was founded Leader Precision Machinery, produce of special CNC metal processing machine, and depth to understanding of the different areas of precision machine requirements. We found a lot of process and design concepts can import woodworking machinery, in 2006 began to develop high-speed servo system, and with customers collaborative testing research.   


Over the past few years FURNIMATE have collected a lot of data and information from customers in the finger-joint equipment, there are many directions can be improved. 2004 to start research and development of the AT-semi-auto / automatic / fully automatic series, in 2005 published. AT series also laid the foundation of the FURNIMATE’s finger-joint machine in Asia. AT-620 series statistics sales from 2005 to 2014 the total amount is 212 sets.


EAT hydraulic series is FURNIMATE in 1993 development of the first generation of finger-joint machine system (FS-BS620A), because our machinery is different from the general finger-joint machine system. There are many unique design can enhance the mechanical and product stability, So that the early rise Asian countries, our machine was use of the all day long and get greatly acclaimed. In Asia has sold more than 300 sets in 12 years.

FURNIMATE would like to thank the many customers for their support, patient communication, suggested improvement and understanding, so that we can grow steadily.


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