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- NAT series -
Servo type high-speed finger joint system (Efficiency)

Product Specifications

NAT-620 Servo type high-speed finger joint system (Efficiency)


Servo type high-speed finger joint system

Carriage move speed: 45M/85M 5 cycles/min
(Calculated by Vertical/working size: 23mm x 50mm)

Standard maximum performance: 130pcs/min

Optional: Increase relate equipment maximum

Performance can reach 6 cycles 156pcs/min

NAT-620 Features:

NAT series are for marketing demand, they are created under the SAT main system structure, Economic Servo Type High-speed Finger Joint System. There are various performance accessories in this system. After modification is completed, it can also reach to the effectiveness of SAT system nearly.

= Standard /  o(—) = Optional  /  - = No configuration  /  F = Fully automatic configuration  / H = Configure the pre-joint system / B = Configure rear feeding conveyor system / C = Simple Conveyor Configuration / 2L = Double finger assembler configuration

NAT-620 Introduction


NAT-620 Series High Speed Finger Joint System

This high productivity servo finger joint system is combined lot of mechanical field applications, thereby producing the best finger joint system. The finger shaper carriage move capacity is 6 cycles / min. it can produce over 156 pieces of wood strips per min (50mm x 25mm). FURNIMATE servo type fully auto finger joint production line can be provide high-speed shaping, stable gluing, accurately joint processing work program.


Increase Stability - Keep High Precision

  • Photo sensor protection device providing greater stability that is accurately protect the danger of a sudden carriage return when it still have wood on the carriage, and also protects the possibility of tool damage, greatly enhance of the efficiency.

  • This machine is accumulated many years of experience to develop a lot of stable and unique processing system device. Not only to keep a stable high precision in the processing of wood but also in high-speed processing conditions to produce high-quality products.


Saw Blade Design - Increase Performance

FURNIMATE - special saw blade design that are more than the others manufacture to use standard saw blade cutting rate of 300%. This special saw blade design can cut the perfect cut in high speed cutting.


Increased Saw Blade Cutting Steel

The oversized inner diameter of the saw blade flange improves the steel of the saw blade and reduces the excess vibration; increase the stability of cutting can be greatly improved.


Belt Drive System

FURNIMATE finger joint machine’s saw shaft has always been a belt transmission axis to produce.  Relative to other companies are using the motor directly installed saw blade design. The axial design can be Axis design can be substantially reduce the vibration to improve the accuracy of wood sawing.


High Efficiency Motors

Our custom motors are lighter than the standard motors of the same size and offer double horsepower. Small space use, but can achieve a higher cutting capacity, motor ammeters can to check the motor’s working state at any time.


Multi-function HMI ( Human - Machine Interface) Control

  • Convenient touch screen interface, perfect Parameter settings allow customers to produce different products more flexible use.

  • An alarm system is added to the interface, let the customer in operation when there is the problem and can be very convenient to solve the problem.


Gluing System

  • Different from the traditional air tank glue supply device glue concentration can only be within 3000ppm, FURNIMATE new high pressure device allows the air pressure to switch out five times the pressure output, This powerful gluing system can be applied to glue at a maximum concentration of 20,000ppm, in the servo high-speed finger joint system can also be accurate and fast to spreading of glue.

  • Optional system can also provide A B glue system options.


Chain Type Pre-joint Feeding System

Double row flat chain design to ensure that the wood re-delivery to get a stable track, and different from the general gourd-type chain, it can to reduce the wood feeding scratches in the delivery, to reduce the sizing of the planning after assemble wood completely


In-feed System

Finger assembler front feed wheel system uses four independent cylinders to float pressing the material, make the wood to get more best and stable feeding situation, and ensure smooth feeding material also reduction the wood stuck problems.


Electric Control Box System

NAT 620-F high speed finger joint system is use high-quality French Schneider or Japan Yaskawa servo controller.

PLC: Taiwan Delta or Japan Mitsubishi,

Frequency converter: France Schneider,

Electrical parts: Taiwan Delta and France Schneider.

This device provides high-performance production operations and accurate and perfect control performance in the finger joint field.


Efficient Cleaning

Conveyor belt glue cleaning system, double brush head system is designed in addition to cleaning the residual glue on the conveyor belt, to keep the conveyor belt clean, and can brush off the excess water back into the water box, will not make too much excess water on the conveyor belt.


Structure Upgrade

  • Using FEA structural analysis technology to create a new finger shaper’s base.

  • Increase shaper’s base steel and improved structure, balanced dynamic stability to greatly improve the life of parts.

  • Shaper’s base load deformation from the traditional design of 0.5mm greatly increased to 0.05mm accuracy.


Double-track Cut-off Saw Safety Cover Designed

Especially the cut-off saw safety cover; there install linear slide devices in the front and rear of the safety cover, making the cylinder under high-speed movement more stability and increase in service life.


Linear Guide

FURNIMATE - used PMI linear guide-way on the shapers machine for achieve excellent accuracy and extend the service life. HG series - heavy load ball type linear guide-way is heavy load linear guide-way designed by circular-arc groove and structure optimization, it features the same load in four directions (up/down/right/left) and self-aligning to absorb installation-error capability. HG series linear guide-way can achieve a long life with high speed, high load, and high rigidity, highly accurate and smooth linear motion.


Servo Automatic Flipper / Transfer Feeding System

Servo automatic flipper / transfer feeding system, with a special parameter and structural design, the speed and automatic cutting stability has been greatly improved.


Prefect Joint

Finger joint system it seems an easy working system.  We must focus on the design of every small detail on the machine, in order to get the perfect finger joint finished products.


Flexible Adjustment

  • Conveyor feeding device, the width can be adjusted from 620mm to 540mm, according to different wood size to flexibility adjust the conveyor feeding width, so that the wood can be stable feeding on the conveyor belt.

  • Adjustable side air cylinder clamp position, provide better efficiency and stability.

  • Double upper pressure cylinder clamping system keeps the balance of the wood feeding, accuracy and pressure average. Make sure that the ends of the wood are indeed accurate and not displaced when the fingers are formed.


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